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My Experience With Solo Ads on Udimi

I started doing Affiliate Marketing last year .During the past 12 months or so I have tried a lot of different traffic sources. The purpose of trying new traffic sources is to find what works best for me and then stick to it. Of course every traffic source has its own pros and cons. Solo ads has become one of my favorite traffic sources.

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Bing PPC and Clickbank Offers – Case Study P1

As you might know that Bing PPC is a hot topic in the Internet Marketing Arena these days. More and more marketers are using Bing to drive traffic to their website and offers. As Bing is a lot lot cheaper when compared to Google Adwords therefore many marketers are devoting more and more effort to market their products and services on Bing as it is very cost effective.

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Some good PHP Programming practices

Regardless of your experience with PHP development and your skillset there are few programming practices that you must follow. These are not hard and fast rules rather these are mere guidelines to improve your productivity and to make you a better coder.  So I  highly recommend going through them you will learn something useful Continue Reading

How to take screenshot with one click

Every keyboard comes equipped with a print screen button , however taking a screenshot of web page can be a tedious process. Because first you have to paste the screenshot in a Photo Editing tool (such as Microsoft Paint) and then save the image to your computer. However there is a one click solution to it.

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